Rob Stevens & Associates ~ Your Financial Coach!


As an independent firm, we are able to offer highly competitive products and services from a variety of partners. We don’t own the product manufacturers and, more importantly, they don’t own us. We are able to utilize a variety of services to create customized solutions that best fit our client’s needs. 

Being independent empowers RStevens and Associates with the flexibility to select high quality products that match a client’s objectives. Furthermore, advisors have the flexibility to make adjustments as market conditions, product offerings, or the client’s financial situation changes over time. Even well intentioned financial advisors can be severely limited in their ability to properly offer their clients the most competitive solutions when they operate in a captive environment. 

Independence further aligns our advisors with clients as our aim is to offer clients the best products and services that fit their needs.

TimeForReview.jpgWe offer Financial Reviews - This is an evaluation of your entire financial balance sheet. From here we learn where we can save money on fees and or government taxes.

Budgeting- Helps clients build a monthly income/expense sheet so we can create true cash flow.

401K Reviews - While 401k are a good tool to have in you plan. Most people do not have a true understanding of how they work . We can review it to see if we have the correct tax structure in place.

Product Lines - While Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is what is known as my Broker/Dealer. I enjoy the ability to work with over 125 companies depending on the client and situation.

If you haven’t explored the advantages of being affiliated with an independent firm like RStevens and Associates, you owe it to your clients, your team, and to yourself to explore your options.