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Individual Life Insurance

Individual Life Insurance:
Life insurance can protect your family or business by providing funds needed
to: pay off mortgages, maintain a standard of living and/or to pay off debt.


You do not necessarily have to die for life insurance to be an effective part of your financial home. Life insurance can also be a valuable tool for asset accumulation to be used tax free when you want, down the road.


Term Life Insurance:
Term life like it sounds pays a specific death benefit within a certain amount of time period (typically 5-20 years). During this term this insurance is the most cost effective for larger benefits. It is at the end of your term when premiums become substantially more expensive.


Whole Life Insurance:
Whole life provides protection starting on date of issuance through death, provided premiums are paid. Whole life combines the protection aspect with an asset accumulation known as cash value. The cash value builds over time thus providing living benefits that can pay out tax free for things like mortgages, college, or added cash in retirement. Think of it as another savings account.